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music is the engine that moves our spirit

We are mostly engaged with electronic productions, but we love all the music and we are proud to produce whatever you may need. We love MIDI, we love scores, we love synths and we love guitars and flutes. We love whatever that can be turned into feelings.

wakhan Music

We are glad to present Wakhan, a psychedelic chill-out producer with agressive basslines and evocative leads. An internal voyage through consciousness and spirit. Just the most sincere expression of Whakan. Turning frequency into feeling.


Find here our different compositions and productions. We produce music for anything you can imagine, because we produce music for you.


A way to spread the iredescent and visionary work of another artists around the globe. Music, art, photography, digital art, body art, whatever you can imagine.

Cerefully listened

Blog about inspirational and brilliant music, complex compositions and very thoughtful lyrics. We can share here the music we love to listen carefully.